Subconsciously we’re all scared

Scared of completely giving our hearts to someone

For fear of getting hurt

I think about it too

But a part of me tells me

To be strong, have faith and have courage

It’ll be okay ❤



Time will tell

It really will,

Time will tell,

If you will

Take me for me

And if not

That’s fine with me

Because I’m fine with me

Even if you’re not


Taking the Time

You see,

The very reason why there’s that saying

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Applies here.

I’m pretty sure I saw you glance at me

Through the rearview mirror

And I looked back at you

And you slowly turned away.

I wonder if you were thinking 

What kind of person I was

Or am.

All I was in front of you was timid, shy,


But, back to that saying –

If you really took the time to get to know me

You’d find one of the most vivacious, vibrant personalities you’ve seen

Colorful, most radiant and beaming

For I love life, I love the little things

I love to laugh and live life to the fullest – 

I really do,

Even though life does get hard sometimes

I try my best to still smile

Still find ways to not let life get me down.

If you will only take the time to get to know me

And not judge a book by its cover.

Deep Down

You see, deep down – I am a dreamer

When I was younger it likely showed more

Now, life has taken its toll

And I’m a little more weary

A little more cautious

I catch myself dozing off into those daydreams

But I also often find myself stopping

For fear of being…careless, (I don’t like saying stupid but it feels like that sometimes)

I don’t want my feelings getting ahead of my brain and making a bad choice by overlooking things

I want to get to know you

Ask questions

Have a feel of who you are

Not who I’ve created

In my imagination

Late Night Thoughts


You, me

A glance

A smile

A laugh



Only from me

It doesn’t show on you.

And if you are,

You’re good at hiding it

It’s who I am, I can’t change it

It’s me

And that’s you

And maybe that’s why I’m uncertain 

I hope you’re true

If you’re not you’ll be sorry

You messed with a diamond


Remember, if someone judges you for being you, they were never really meant for you. Don’t take it personally and think there’s something wrong with you. Your qualities and personality are amazing, and you should never have to be compromised. 

Love you all,