I recently got back on here and had one of those nights where I sat and read old blog posts and reminisced about them…I even found this one and have no idea who I was talking about…wait I think I just remembered hahahahahaha it was someone in my ESL training class Hahahaha.

I died reading it LOL. 😂

ANYWHO, I’ve been on a bit of a break the last few months and it’s been great and all but I’m ready to get back into gear.

Looking forward to the next few months ahead, starting a new teaching job, possibly volunteering with kids, and who knows what else?!? Yay!!!

Keep your head up and walk confidently!!!

Love y’all,



Cheesy Romantic Antics

Hello everyone!!! I know it’s been AGES since I have been on here! Well, has anyone here watched Anne of Green Gables?!? I’m about to watch it and well I found this ADORABLE gif that made my heart melt…let’s see if I still remember how to make them work LOL.


Love, Imaskara

P.S. I hope you’re all well, happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!


Spring Cleaning

So I decided to go through my closet and mix and match things, put together outfits and such, trying to downsize and just organize/make it look tidier.

I love cheetah print, and so my mom bought me these pants a little over a year ago haha, but I never really could figure out what to wear them with. 

Now that I’m organizing my closet out, I decided to pair them with this yellow shirt I bought earlier last year. They’re both funky and now I can create some new outfits to wear 😀 PLUS create more space, because I’m planning to just hang the whole outfit on a hanger so I don’t have jeans/other pants on the portable shelf they’ve been on till now. I’m excited and hope this works out! 

I also googled how to downsize when it’s hard to say goodbye to clothes for some ideas. The thing is, I’ve been doing clothes cleaning quite regularly, so I have gotten rid of quite a bit.

I have a few hoodies, and I feel as though I’ve narrowed it down to mostly all the ones I wear, so I was trying to figure out how I could narrow it down even more since I still feel like I have quite a few.

One of the tactics was putting what I feel I don’t need away, and seeing if I miss it, and if I don’t it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Another one was trying the item on, seeing how you like it and then wearing it the following week and seeing if you’ll incorporate it into your lifestyle. 

For now, I think I will put some away and see how that goes.

I’m going to post a picture of the funky cheetah pants because of how fun they are hahaha.

I decided to model the outfit to see how I like it, because why not make this task fun lol! 😀

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This might sound strange or funny, and I don’t even know how this started, but for awhile now I’ve had this thing where I don’t want to be perceived as gullible or naive, but rather smart. 

However, I’m realizing (duh) it’s better to just let things flow naturally..while at the same time being wise of course too. I shouldn’t hold back so much to the point that it’s not enjoyable. I’m cautious, which I believe is always always a good thing, but I also give things a chance too. 

So, I’m surely and slowly going to try and try to be a little happier and change my mindset…I realize that I’m only hurting myself in the process, so I should fix that.


Liking the Idea of Love

This! 100%. This is why I’m so careful to differentiate between the two…it’s nice having someone to “flirt” with or whatever you want to call it…but that shouldn’t be all there is to a relationship, it should be much, much more than that.