Lately, I’ve been facing so many conflicting feelings about what I want to do with my life. I don’t know if it’s because there are so many choices out there, that I’m overwhelmed by them, or maybe I just need a break or something like that. 

I came to school today feeling extremely motivated, and made it to my first class on time, feeling good about that, and we watched a video on newborns and their development, since the class is developmental psychology. It was interesting to watch, and there were some experiments done on them at different stages, and their cognitive development and movement.

After class, I talked with a fellow friend and also classmate of the class, and he asked me if I had hung out with our other mutual friend who I used to study with a lot last semester, and I said no because I hadn’t been to school on Tuesday, and since I only have classes two days a week, it had made it quite a long time since I had been there. 

He then asked me if it was because I was experiencing a lack of motivation since I already had a degree, and I said I’ve just been having a lack of motivation in general, even a bit last semester but I pushed through. 

I don’t really know what it is, I should probably enroll myself in a fun class, I was thinking a Zumba dance class. I need that haha!! I really haven’t been doing much lately, and that could also be the reason why. I really need to find something that’ll help me release energy and stress and just let me have a good time.

Anyways, after the talk with my friend, I drove to get some food to eat and all of a sudden began to rethink everything again, because of what I had told him. I wasn’t sure if my motivation had been temporary. Sigh. I want to try and finish strong, I was thinking I will read over the material and see how I’m absorbing it and whether I’m enjoying it or not. 

I have to get going, somehow or other. I’ll try and keep praying and pushing through for now. I hope this passes soon, or I’m able to find a way to fight through it.

Peace, Imaskara 


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