I Wonder

I wonder how you see me

Do you see me how I see you?

I wonder, I wonder if you possibly knew?

What goes through?

Through my head, through my mind?

Do you think I’m sweet, do you think I’m pretty? Do you think I’m nice? What do you think? I wish I knew!

I wonder if you know how silly you make me feel

I wonder if you know how shy too

I wonder, I wonder, are you the same?

I wonder, I wonder, I do.

I wish I knew, I really do, is this real, or is it you

You who seem so shy

Why, oh why are you so shy?

Why oh why do I like shy?

The funny thing is…sometimes I am with you and other times not. I don’t know why that is

I wonder, what about you makes me feel shy


If I only knew why

Why do you make me feel this way,

I wonder. 😦

Someone please help me understand why one can make you feel so silly, so giddy, as if you’re a little elementary kiddie…

I wonder I wonder I wonder.

Night/morning folks!



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