A Snuggly Cheeseball

For any of you who regularly read, or have read my posts in the past…I usually (well it seems to me) come off as stand offish when it comes to relationships and marriage. I don’t view it as a bad thing, but something you do when you’re ready. That being said, I wasn’t able to go into work as planned yesterday, as I had a meeting just to look into this one program (which I realized after was not for me at all). However I have next year sorted out now, I will just take some classes that correspond to the program I want to get into. 

ANYWAYS, before I got off track…so I went into work today, after stopping by my campus for a few quick questions, and when I got there his door was closed and I assumed he was out to lunch since it was 12:30. At one point though, hours later he popped by all of a sudden, and I feel like I got wayyyyy too excited and happy and I looked right at him, but to my dismay he was looking down as he asked me how I was. I realized of course as usual that I was standing in the way and he needed to get some things from the top of the desk so I quickly moved out of the way as he was waiting for me to do so, and then he was mumbling to himself as he did so, and then when he left I was sooooo utterly embarrassed. But after texting my friend about it (lol) I thought about it some more and realized that he probably had a lot on his mind and wasn’t in the mindset to chit chat, just quickly needed to get things done. Either that or he’s really shy or who knows. It made me feel better thinking like that, rather than him thinking there was something wrong with me šŸ˜›

Anyways tonight, I randomly felt Snuggly and thought about how nice it would be to have his (or someone else’s) arms just wrapped around me as I slept! 

A neighbour and close friend of mine had a dream recently about me getting married and she keeps telling me she has a feeling it’ll be in December….we shall see. šŸ™‚ Haha. Anyways… Yeah I’m a huge Cheeseball once you get me to open up šŸ˜› I just act tough šŸ˜€ Hahaha

Oh and also today I went with the girl I mentor to launchpad which is this indoor trampoline park we have. It was my first time and her third, and it was fun!!! She even got me to face my fears and jump off the high one hahaha! Brave girl. She also beat her record and made it to the top of the rope and rang the bell!!!! Yay!!! We got a small tube of sour candy too…heehee šŸ˜› so that was my day…:) eventful.

Yesterday after a series of events, on the way back home my mom spontaneously asked if I wanted to go to the zoo since it was literally the next turn and we went!!!! It was sooooooo nice and we got to see so many animals!!!! I loved it. My mom said we hadn’t been in 18 years and it’s gotten a lot bigger. Wow was it a great experience ā¤ I was so happy to see all these animals you never see!!! I’ll post some pictures of the animals. Neat experience!

Peace everyone, 




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