So a couple days ago I was sitting in my school library upstairs studying, when I started to think of ways to de-stress, and I thought of painting my nails-always a fun thing and cheers me right up! But then, I thought of an even better idea – what if I brought a bunch of polishes to school and painted people’s nails for free to de-stress? I told a couple friends about it and they thought it was an awesome idea!! So, I made some flyers and gave them in for approval, and they were fine with it, and so now next Tuesday (and maybe Monday too, still deciding) at 1, I’ve a table set up to do it 🙂 I kept overthinking the whole idea and chickening out, but I’m telling myself it will be worth it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out-I’m not really setting my hopes too high because I do realize finals are on the horizon and most people probably won’t have time, but I do want to try it and not back down, because then I can see whether it was worthwhile or not 🙂 who doesn’t like seeing smiles on people’s faces?

Other than that, I also participated in a secret Santa as well, and it’s kind of a student wide one, so I submitted a form with my name and some of my favorite/least favorite things and interests a couple days ago, and today I went to the office and picked a random name out of the pile and it was a girl who lo and behold I didn’t know, haha. I was looking at her favorite things and I noticed a lot of chocolate, so I went to dollar store after school (mind you on an empty stomach-bad idea lol) and bought a little too much chocolate, lol I’m pretty sure the cashier was a little riled up but ah well (I put some back to be fair). Also, I didn’t realize this at first but December 1-4 you are supposed to submit a homemade gift for your person and I thought you just give one present period, so that’s also a reason I got so much chocolate haha. Then on December 5th you give a present that is $10 and under. I put a lot of chocolate and candy canes in this present bag I bought with a cute reindeer on it, and also included a little sticker pack thing. I started on my homemade gifts by taking an envelope and card, and putting a bunch of stickers on them, because she said that she collects stickers on her form. I also drew a picture of a reindeer on the envelope and got creative and made the antlers candy canes, so that was fun. I’m really really excited to see what mine is. This year, my school is really having a lot of great events and it’s been really nice 🙂

Sorry I haven’t written much, I’ve been so busy with studying and last minute preps that I haven’t had a chance.

Pray for better weather tomorrow, today’s was horrendous. I got stuck in the snow for the first time in the season today, that’s how much it snowed!!!! Luckily I was able to get back out. I always reverse out and maneuver my way around, you have got to learn if you live in Alberta. I hope the blizzard subsides by tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone!!!!!

P.S. That’s the poster I made a couple nights ago, haha. I was going to have it three times, once today but for some reason the weather made me not want to bring the polishes (I was worried I might have to leave them in the car and due to the cold temperatures they might break or freeze or something), so yeah. My friend offered her locker so that worked. 🙂 I will update you on that! Wish me luck! It’s a good confidence booster 😀



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