It’s been forever

Yes, it’s been forever since I wrote on here…this last week was hectic!!!! But it’s over now..just Friday, and then next week I get off for reading week (MUCH NEEDED)…weirdly enough only my school gets the week off (yay for choosing the best school in the city) wink…wink…. 😀 I love my school, it’s just the right size and makes me feel so much more at ease. I just pray this semester goes well.

So, I’m thinking for next year I’ll try this online course for a masters in counseling. Could be fun!! I talked to the lady yesterday and she was telling me about it and guiding me on the website…she also told me the marks I needed, and even if I didn’t get exactly that there was an exam to take, haha. I guess I was just a little worried about next year and what to do, so this made me feel a little better. 🙂

My dad is visiting, but went to LA for a few days but I think he’s back today, so it was nice to see him. I read off some of my midterm material to him one night and he was half awake listening hahaha, but it helped me so that was good. I took charge and asked my friend to test me two days for it as well. I knew I needed to do much better on this one than the first one…big time and I really hope I did. I almost ran out of time and had to go through the multiple choice a little hurriedly (I did the written first). So yeah…been a crazy crazy week! I also ended up going out of my way to get a bubble tea before my evening class yesterday hahaha. Ah, well. So’s life… 🙂

I’m kind of in a rut with my friends. I was thinking about it today and thinking maybe I just need to get a little more busy, and I wouldn’t think about it so much. They all seem held back and withdrawn (probably very busy in their school) so me in return, most of the time I remain silent and don’t respond if it’s not necessary because I feel like I’m just wasting their/my time. It’s just crazy though, maybe they’re going through hard times and indirectly showing it, but yeah. It’s just weird. However, I’ve been creating my own sense of happiness and contentment, by doing what makes me happy (hence getting that tea no matter what) – both those tea places are located in random spots but I hunted it down!!!! Mmmm 😛

Other than that it’s all good…

Take care 🙂



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