So today, despite putting my alarm off for an extra half hour, I still managed to make myself a grilled cheese and coffee. It was good! Felt good about it.

I had my first lab today so I decided to just stay at school and do work-kicked myself for leaving the book where I have to read 2 pages and answer 5 questions on at home!! I ended up listening to the audiobook instead 🙂 it was nice! I’m actually excited to see what happens in the next two chapters! I’m into it now! Almost done…I’m also waking up a little early tomorrow so I can do those 5 questions (I would rather do it with a fresh mind!) 🙂

I then ended up seeing my friend Sarah and her friend, Bailey, and sat with them for a little while before she had to go and meet her other friend Danielle, and I went to quickly grab some food and decided to join them. We had a really good time and I even taught them some of my native language, lol after Danielle insisted I do 😀 I had met her in the summer at k days (amusement park), and was the cutest thing I had ever met!

Then I went to the lab, and it went well for the most part. I was really tired and realized I should’ve probably gone home or at least tried a nap instead…but that’s okay for today! Learned my lesson. We’re getting closer to starting our experiments! Exciting. I clarified with the teacher what were going to be doing next lab, and he said that we’re going to be testing out our surveys on our classmates (and there’s only 5 of us so yeah), should be fun!! Wish me luck that I get the hang of this!!!! 🙂

Came home in the evening excited because we were making burgers tonight and I had worked up my appetite specially for that (doesn’t happen often). It was nice, we all kind of hung out in the backyard for a bit while the patties cooked on the BBQ, and we enjoyed the serenity of evening air and end of summer bittersweetness. ❤ It was truly magical.

We were going to watch this movie, but my mom and the guest who’s staying with us ended up talking for a few hours, but I actually didn’t mind at all because I enjoyed the topic…it was good! I feel good talking to her because I feel like I am getting free knowledge. 😀 it’s great having her around, like the sister I never really had when I was older, sadly even though I do have a younger sister but we’re not close at all, more like perfect strangers.

That’s my Tuesday!

Wish you all the best,



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