Heart to hearts and good friendships <3

So today, after asking my friend yesterday due to the gorgeous weather if she wanted to hang and her saying lets do it today, we hung out. I haven’t seen her since the beginning of summer, but we still text pretty regularly and have become pretty good friends, having met in first year university. We both have a love for Timmies (Tim Hortons), so that was what we planned to do, go and grab a coffee and talk.

I got there before she did, and walked around a little as it was in a mall. The entrance I came through has Urban Planet, and I just looked through, saw some nice sweaters and tried a couple on, but they were both a little big on me, so I decided not to get anything.

Then, I went to the bathroom and saw afterwards that my friend had texted me, and I assumed that meant she was here. So, we met each other at the place that we had planned. I had originally told her to meet me at the body shop, but I had been standing at the store a little to the side of it, and was looking for her but also looking at my phone every now and then, so of course (Murphy’s Law again!!) she came when I was looking at my phone and I didn’t see her, and then she thought this other girl was me and was looking at her and then the girl apparently gave her a funny look as my friend realized it wasn’t me hahahahaha. 😀

It was then, that we saw each other haha! Oopsie daisie moment! We then walked to Timmies and waited in the line, got our orders and sat down for a little while and ate our food and drinks. It was nice! We talked about so many things that had been going on in our life as of late.

One thing that we kind of talked about a lot was marriage, and engagement, because to me it seems like every week almost someone, be it a friend, relative, etc was either getting married or engaged! Not that it’s a bad thing or anything, but I guess it’s just interesting and crazy how all of a sudden it’s all happening to MY friends! I guess it’s a little weird to me, like maybe eye opening haha! It might also have to do with the age as well. As I talked to my friend about this, we found ourselves opening up to all the related aspects and different things that were associated. One was the topic of how crazy it was when it felt like two people had just met, and then were already engaged a little over/less than a year later! I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, cause obviously when you know, you know 🙂 but it’s just crazy!!!! How fast that can happen!!! We both actually had friends who that had happened to and whewwwww haha 😀 crazy crazy!!! Another one was kids, and there was so much to talk about in that department! Haha first I talked about what I talked about in my previous post, about how YOU and no one else has to be ready, and she agreed and said that she knows someone who’s mother pushed her to have kids, so yeah. It’s interesting. My friend also mentioned how sometimes the dad can also take care of the child, if the schedule could work that way. I’m sure that couples/parents always can find a way to make things work if they work together, haha and are on the same page about things. I told her about how I wasn’t totally sure about kids at this point and she told me I don’t have to have them tomorrow, hehe and I said I know 🙂 Another thing we talked about that she mentioned was that a lot of ladies have kids in their 30’s, too but usually that has a higher risk of side effects, so it was something to think about. Every person is free to choose their own path, or way of doing things in regards to having a family if they choose to do so. Like my friend and I talked about how sometimes we want to finish up our education first, so that we have that there for the future and it gives us a sense of independence. It’s good! And then of course that led to us talking about couples that decide to leave their children in child care while they work. To be honest, I would not want that for my child and I told my friend about this Robert Munsch tv show I had watched as a kid about a mother who takes her kid to the grocery store, and he acts out and she isn’t able to control him, and then feels like she doesn’t know her child, and the reason is that she works and does not see her child most of the day. That stayed with me as the years went by and I grew older, and I always thought of that show when I thought of kids in child care. It opened up my eyes a little, you could say. Anyways, that’s all in the future, not something I worry about far too often 🙂

Other than that, my aunt invited us to dinner tonight and it was nice 🙂 had a lovely time with good company and good food 🙂 even brought some cake home yay!! Her daughter got married this summer, so it was interesting to see that. So many changes!!! But it’s a beautiful thing 🙂 a lot of people close to me have gotten married this summer, including a cousin so it’s been an interesting, uplifting and wonderful experience to encounter all these life embarking journeys!!!!

Take care all,

Imaskara ❤



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