On Relationships…

So, as we all know, relationships take mutual time, effort and respect. Everyone has their flaws, and no one (NO ONE) is perfect, no matter what the eye may see or believe. It’s true, you don’t really know a person until you’ve lived with them for a bit (I haven’t, but I take for example my family, and how I could have thought something completely different about how someone was but because I lived with them, I knew what they were like as a person).

Now, onto my main points. Each and every individual is different, no one being exactly alike cause hey, that’s boring! And that’s what makes us all so unique as individuals and so beautifully able to shine as our own person. Everyone has had different experiences in their lives who make up who they are, and have brought them to this point in their life. Because of past experiences, we as individuals might hesitate to try one that may insinuate a similar one, if the previous one was bad. We are scared of taking these risks, and in the case of love, putting our hearts out there for fear of a potential swallowing whole.

However, when we do take these risks and form a relationship with an individual, our past experiences can either make us or break us. I guess you would have to make up with any hurt you’ve dealt with in your past, first and foremost and you would have to believe in yourself. The thing is, most of the time we tend to go into these relationships expecting a lot (not always, but sometimes) and when these expectations are not met, it makes us unhappy and dissatisfied. We all want that guy who never gives another girl so much as a second glance, who only has eyes for you, who isn’t afraid to hold your hand while talking to his friends and doesn’t flirt with other girls around you, signalling he respects you and cares for you. Of course, there is way more to respecting and caring, but this is just a sign, or step of action showing so.

I don’t know if it’s always the case and some people just act tough, or really just don’t mind/care, (I’m sure deep down, everyone wishes for their partner to only pay attention to them, like give their sole attention, silly as it may seem). Some people would argue that those that feel threatened by their partner talking to the opposite gender, more often than not would be classified as an insecurity. Others would say, that perhaps the partner is giving them a reason to feel insecure? There are many different ways it can be seen. Some people may just act completely oblivious, and really not care if their partner gives a hug or peck on the cheek to the opposite, because their partner and them have that understanding, that it means nothing and that they only have feelings for you and you only (again, not always the case but it is good to have understandings and be on the same page as your partner). If you don’t like your partner giving hugs away, maybe you could kindly tell them how you feel, so that they know and you aren’t left feeling wounded. Hey, I told someone once and they were completely fine about it. Sometimes it helps too, because your partner sees how you feel and they are able to tell you themselves how THEY feel about you, and it reassures you about everything. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes, but the feeling that you experience afterwards is well worth it, like a weight off your shoulder. Think about it, doesn’t it always feel amazing getting things off your chest?

The fact of the matter may be, that some people are just more sensitive than others are. I don’t mind the occasional hug, or sometimes even peck on the cheek because I’ve seen in other areas, that’s it’s a cultural thing! It’s just a form of nicety and it’s completely innocent, haha (most of the time anyways!) Usually, it’s if the person gives a reason for another to feel a certain way, that it’s not okay. But talk about it! Open up communication! Some people are just naturally friendly people, but despite that they always treat their loved one differently than they would anyone else, and that’s where the difference comes in.

Another thing, is having understanding. I’ve seen vlogs with families, and a particular favorite one of mine that I watch had this one video where the husband talked about trust, and it was so amazing for me to hear and see! Him and his wife are inspiring to me, and it was so cute they even had a codeword that they used when they wanted the other to be truthful. He had said that this method that they used, where they told each other EVERYTHING, not leaving out anything has honestly changed their life. No secrets!!! Wow. Imagine that. Also, something I wanted to touch on that his wife had said one time was that it is important to tell your partner about something that you didn’t like that they did. All you have to do is take them aside, later on and let them know, that “hey, I didn’t like the way you did that.” etc like for example something they may have said to the kids, or anything like that. That way, they are more aware and both know each other’s morals and beliefs. It always helps when you have the same values, otherwise there might just be many conflicting issues (not to say you can’t work them out, though). It’s powerful.

The point of this is, that you should always lend an ear to your partner, and be willing to understand where they are coming from, and together build a relationship built on mutual trust, respect, views, and always just be on the same page! Let each other know what’s going on, be best friends! Love each other always and never go to sleep unhappy with each other because this life is only so long…

“If she’s jealous, it means she cares.”

take care πŸ™‚



Some pictures to emphasize what I wrote.

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  1. missfleurpebbles · September 13, 2014

    That is very true, Communication, respect and understanding are important among other values. I agree with you πŸ™‚


  2. missfleurpebbles · September 13, 2014

    I also like the picture with I think it’s bears…the one about holding the others world.


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