Had a long, busy day (well busy by my standards, lol). I went to class, (of course I got my classrooms mixed up and went to tomorrow’s class this morning by accident) but quickly looked up the name and went one floor down. Still made it on time!! Woopee!!! I have a feeling this may turn into a long blog, haha!

So this is a classical socialism class, and we talk about many various issues. Our teacher posted this article for us to read, about students in the ‘dark ages’. Basically the article talked about how before, not too long ago, it used to be that just graduating high school was enough to get a decent job. Now, even a simple bachelor’s won’t make the cut an you’ve to go through plenty more in order to be at a higher level of ranking, etc. Also, another interesting point the teacher raised was that even today, some people are OVERQUALIFIED and go above and beyond what they are required to do in order to meet their requirements, but yet still they are denied. Just imagine, going through all those years of hard work to get a fulfilling or decent job, and then having to work elsewhere where you could have gone without having to go through all those years of schooling.Β 

Another interesting phenomenon that I found interesting and true was that ‘the more readily available something becomes, the less value it has’. This is true in this case particularly because nowadays, education is so readily available to just about anyone, because student loans are easy to apply for. This raised the issue of whether or not more stakes should be taken to see if everyone was truly qualified or not, but it was kind of an iffy topic because of course everyone should be able to have the chance for education, but because almost everyone can afford to go now, it does not seem like this fancy, almost impossible opportunity. I guess you could say the value has gone down?

We discussed this in groups, and I had a good group so that was good. Btw, sidenote small rant: On the first day of classes, I had sat next to this girl who I coincidentally knew from a class I took last year, and so I was happy that I could sit next to her and have a friend in the class πŸ˜€ but then the next time when I accidentally came in a couple minutes late this other girl I knew had taken my spot!! =( and today too..and I kinda wanted to sit next to them but knew there was this guy who was friends with the other guy so I didn’t take his spot….sigh!!! Okay I’ll get over it, lol but ya just needed to let that out (hehe). On the plus side, I get to sit next to this really sweet guy who offers me his notes when I miss something and vice versa. I also noticed the girl who sits beside me haha cause boy does she ever know how to do her makeup. I wanted to ask her if those were her natural lashes cause damn, lol. She was really sweet and we talked a bit after class, too!

Anways, back to the topic, lol. We had our group discussion and I was mostly agreeing along with everyone because they were saying what I was thinking, lol but I knew I had to participate as well, and so I said some parts I found interesting like the part about high school being enough for a decent job, and also the fact that you seriously can’t get jobs without connections these days!!!!!!! LIKE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! It’s crazy, haha. GAH! The girl with the question sheet who was kind of the one guiding our group even said that her older brother too (after I mentioned about my older brother and how during his years of school it didn’t seem this competitive) was frustrated at all the schooling he had to undergo.

So ya! That was that discussion..I wish I had been able to speak up some more in the class afterwards when the teacher asked for feedback. I feel like sometimes I get a little (I don’t know if intimidated is the right word) but like I’m scared what I’ll say will come out the wrong way, or sound like I don’t get out much or read up on this stuff much or know much about the school system or ways in general. It depends on how confident I feel talking about the issue, and how strongly I feel on it and am able to express that. Like, for example I feel like if I just say “I found the fact that high school was enough before” would just be something interesting that was in the article, but not really say anything else haha, like just a random thought or comment lol. Actually, my teacher is really laidback and relaxed and kind so I guess it wouldn’t matter, oh well haha.

After that I went to the library to send in my application for grad after going to the office and having them tell me it was all done online now, lol.

I’m such an awkward turtle sometimes, I was sitting at the computer almost done, when one of my friends comes and is talking to his friends beside me, and for some reason I just felt like playing it cool and pretending not to notice him, but then we both were going to leave at the same time, and he was about to turn to leave when of course I glanced at him and he was like ‘oh hey!’ as if he didn’t know I was there the whole time, lol. Hahaha…oh well it’s okay lol! And then we ended up talking for at least 20 minutes about summer and life and school, haha! We always have quite intellectual convos, as he was in my sociology class last year too, haha so we used to study together sometimes. Sometime during our conversation this friend I made in my spring class popped outta nowhere and I was soooo happy to see her again as she had told me she wasn’t coming back. WOOT! She had been in Chile for most of summer and had just come back so she told me all about it!!! She was taking the children’s llit class next semester so I showed her the syllabus for that, so it worked out! It was good!

Anyways when I FINALLY sat down and looked at my syllabus while zoning out again and again, eventually I was looking at the list of books we had to read for the children’s lit class and realized Winnie the Pooh was before Alice in Wonderland and all this time I had been thinking Alice in Wonderland was next, haha. Good thing I had my friend’s number and texted her to confirm and also good thing it’s an easy short read!!! Phew. Wow I need to pay attention more, sometimes. I checked tomorrow morning’s class syllabus and I didn’t see anything that was due…so ya that’s a good sign πŸ˜›

After school, I went to the library to check out if they had Winnie the Pooh which they unfortunately didn’t, haha but they phoned another close by branch and had it put on hold for me, but honestly at that point my phone had died and I couldn’t look it up and I just wanted to go home, so I went home and looked it up online and lo and behold I found it! yay! So I called and cancelled the hold at the other library, haha.

I quickly made myself a nice hot cup of chai (without milk cause we didn’t have any) before tutoring and then rushed off there. Today was my first day teaching the little one in grade 6 as well! Haha I had forgotten what it was like to be in school at that age, well at least some parts of it haha. I tutored the older brother in grade 8 first, we went over some science (I tested him on terms and made sure to correct his mistakes) and then we did math the rest of the time, and made sure he understood concepts. Please pray that he does well on his exam!! His dad made it clear to me they want good results otherwise they’ll have to let me go, and both times I’ve told him that I completely understand because I do. I would want my kid to be benefiting as well, if it were me. Then I tutored the younger brother, he opened up his math textbook to an assigned page that he was supposed to do for practice and kept telling me he didn’t have to do it (it wasn’t mandatory) but I made him do one question at least. We also did some spelling words, as well and that was good. Then we finished it off by doing some ‘mad minutes’ where you do a bunch of adding problems in a minute. He was having troubles with those because he would always either JUST finish, or have a few left. He was so sweet, haha he was asking me for advice on all these little things like ‘what should I do if the teacher says stop and I’ve only written half of the number 4 so it looks like an eleven?” I told him to talk to the teacher about it as she’s the one who’s testing you, and she should know what’s going on. I didn’t wanna give him false info!!! I made him a bunch of problems, wrote them down and then timed him. The first time he finished in time because I didn’t make enough problems, but the next two times he didn’t. I’m hoping this practice helps and he is more confident next time!! I want to start multiplication with him so he is faster in it as well when they learn about it. He said he had started multiplying last year but has forgotten during the two months of summer. Bonus of the day: the older son told the mom I’m nice!! (she mentioned it to me when he had left!!) Yay!! Blessed to have such a nice family.

Also, randomly I got invited to an Ardonne party by the girl i babysits mom. I had no idea what that was so asked her, and apparently it’s a skin care product party. Pretty neat!! So I’ll be going to that on Saturday!! Woohoo!!


Enjoy fellow readers and also pray it doesn’t snow here like it did in Calgary…………. :O



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