The 20’s

So here’s my first post. I’m an avid writer, artist and poet. And if you’re any of those, you’ll know what I mean when I say that usually my work comes from inspiration of some sort. That is what usually gives me the drive to write a poem, or draw a picture. Now, when it comes to drawing pictures, I’m more of the type who likes to experiment with different designs, just play around. I’ve tried portraits, but honestly, the only time it worked was when I saw a picture of my friend, and somehow I had this vision of exactly how I wanted to draw that picture, and draw it I did, in the span of a couple hours in the evening. I had my mind and heart set on drawing that picture and I was determined, and it kinda of just happened. I can’t usually draw it, if it’s forced. So yeah, pretty much it has to be derived from an experience or inspiration of some sort.

Anyways, I should give some more of a background, on myself, a 23 year old Canadian working her way through school, as an undergrad. I will be going into my fourth and (god willing) final year. It’s exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I’m majoring in sociology after gaining an interest in it and all that was offered in it. It really gives you an interesting spin on life!!!!

Just this past year, I took some courses-one being social problems and one being on family. Lemme tell you!!! That family one, was a course that will help me out and make me the wiser for a lifetime. Taking that class was one of the best decisons of my academic life because it taught me lifelong tactics for various occasions and circumstances, the do’s and do not’s  of marriage, how to resolve conflicts (best vs. worst), and various issues that arise in other areas, such as when you become elderly, what to look out for and not be taken advantage of. Loved that class to bits and blessed to have been in it!!!


This past summer me and a friend of mine, we decided to enroll ourselves in an experiment, and the experiment was this: how various relationships affect the outcome of how you react with eye contact. Now, me and my friend had known each other since high school, and we were good friends. You know what we found? We found that, seemingly so, she was an extrovert and I, an introvert. You know how we knew? When me and her had to make eye contact, I kept a straight face the whole time, while she laughed the first time, had to look at my eyebrow the second time and finally kept a straight face the third time. Now, I don’t know if this was because I was looking at her while thinking about something else, with my mind elsewhere or what, or if I was just really determined. BUT, interestingly enough, the researcher tried it with me, and when I made eye contact with her, my heart rate went up the most it had gone (and it had been consistent the whole way through). We came to the conclusion it was because she was a stranger whereas I had known my friend for 7 years! That was one of my most exciting things this summer.

A few other things I did-visited some friends in Montreal and got to experience a few days there- pretty laid back, relaxed environment where everything went at it’s own pace. Interestingly enough, I visited my brother and his wife in New York for around 10 days following and realized that although both Montreal and New York were both relatively lively, New York was more fast paced and  quick where everyone was in a hurry to get to their destination, whereas Montreal, on the other hand was much more relaxed, and there was less rush, despite there being people everywhere in both places. The difference was interesting to me. Well, come Wednesday is my first day of fourth year!! We shall see how it goes,

Love, imaskara (ps this was a nickname given to me by a dear friend and I thought it cool for this blog) take care and peace be with you all!




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